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The Net-Zero Footprint: aciae's Innovative Approach to Sustainable Shoes | aciae

"In the grand tapestry of style, our planet should never be the thread we unravel. As we weave the narrative of fashion, we mustn't ignore the cost - the invisible price tag that our environment, and eventually we, will be forced to pay. We're all part of this intricate design, and if we burden our Earth today, the echoes of our choices will reverberate back to us, ensnaring our future generations in a cycle of reckoning. Fashion-forward and planet-forward are not mutually exclusive - let's etch this truth into our story, pioneering a fashion movement that marries style with sustainability." - GPT4

Above it’s AI’s understanding of my statement for change "Fashion and style should not be at the cost of our planet. Someone is paying for the negative impact from the production and consumption, If it is our planet today, it would be circled back to us. If not us, it would be our future generations". If machine gets it, why can’t we? 

At aciae, we have internalised this ethos, setting a strong precedent in our unwavering commitment to meeting the Net-Zero Emissions Target by 2030. Our vibrant yet conscious vision propels us, as we innovate with creative resilience, forging a new path for the fashion industry's relationship with the environment.

Our manifesto is simple – to strike a balance between trendsetting fashion and planet preservation. This philosophy is the bedrock of our mission to push the boundaries of traditional design, offering conscious consumer a place to explore their aesthetic without compromising their commitment to sustainability.

As a startup, we understand the potential we have to shape the future, to redefine the "business-as-usual" in the industry. From day one, we have been uncompromising in our dedication to environmental sustainability. We've audaciously pledged ourselves not just to reduce, but to take measurable steps towards achieving zero emissions, a goal firmly grounded in our core values.

From Circle to Zero: aciae's Carbon Neutrality Journey

Our 'Circle to Zero' principle acknowledges our humble beginnings and aspirational goals. The journey to Net Zero is not a mere commitment; it's a meticulously planned and executed strategy. We aimed to achieve carbon neutrality from day 1 through investing in certified carbon credit projects in collaboration with our carbon offset partner, Tasman Environmental Markets.

This commitment means that we've begun recalibrating the fashion industry's status quo. By innovating through reuse, recycle and repurpose practices, and incorporating groundbreaking technology into design processes, we're making strides towards reducing waste and negative impact from harmful materials.

Wearing Tomorrow's Solutions: Ocean-bound Plastic to Recyclable Textile 

Repreve® is a testament to the power of innovation in sustainability. aciae, harnessing the magic of Repreve® recycled fibers, transforms discarded plastic materials into high-quality, sustainable footwear that can be recycled again at the end of their life.

As a result, we're part of a revolutionary change, reducing plastic waste and the demand for virgin materials and fossil fuels. This conservation effort preserves resources and energy and diminishes the environmental repercussions of conventional plastic production and disposal.

Building a Circular Economy with aciae's Sustainable Footwear

aciae's sustainable footwear collection is fashioned from recycled materials that withstand cold water machine washing. This extends the lifespan of each pair while reducing energy consumption.

We've anchored our approach in three key aspects of circular economy: designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. These principles are reflected in our production processes, from using recycled materials and designing for durability to managing waste responsibly throughout our supply chain.

To ensure transparency and accountability in our journey, we've implemented a comprehensive impact measurement framework that tracks our progress in various sustainability KPIs, including material circularity, waste diversion, product lifespan, end-of-life management, and carbon footprint.

aciae's Carbon Offset Project: Katingan Mentaya

Our quest to offset emissions has led us to the heart of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, where we contribute to the largest REDD+ program of its kind – the Katingan Mentaya Project. This initiative safeguards over 149,000 hectares of crucial peatland, protecting one of the largest intact peat swamp forests in South-East Asia. Our commitment to this project reaffirms our dedication to environmental restoration and conservation on a global scale.

Join us on this journey, a journey that revolutionises fashion as we know it. We are aciae, and we’re fashioning a sustainable future.


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