Nature Needs No Landfill

With the creative use of post-consumption waste, we're threading together a zero waste zero harm future.

ocean bound plastics being collected and recycled

Source Recycled Waste

Plastic that would otherwise litter our land and oceans are instead collected, sorted then cleaned to make sure it's free from any contaminants before being chopped up into small flakes which can finally be melted and spun into yarn for shoes or other comfy clothing items; this in turn helps support a circular economy. So don't just throw away your plastics if you have no reuse ideas: recycle them so they get another chance at life!

transforming waste into fashion favourites aciae

Transforming Leftover Polymers Into Loverly Fabric

It's totally possible! Take it from us: recycling plastic waste into cushy clothing is no Herculean feat. This innovative process helps keep our environment clean while also giving squirreled-away plastics the chance to enter the industry in fantastic new forms, like shoes and other articles of comfy wearables. From collecting preloved plastics all the way through extruding them into pliable threads fit for weaving - this circular economy closes the loop on pollution with its efficient conversion system that leaves nothing behind but an array of chic style choices made entirely outta trash.

threads made from ocean bound plastics

Thread Waste Into Essentials

The incredible journey from trash to yarn takes us through multiple transformative steps. Collection and sorting lay the groundwork for this marvelous metamorphosis by ensuring that different types of plastics receive their own bespoke treatments. Once cleaned and shredded into smaller flakes, these are then melted down together only to be reborn as fibers in an extrusion process. Spinning them into durable yet soft yarn creates fabrics perfect for clothing items such as shoes with end-of-life recycling options completing the circle of life - all enabled thanks to environmentally conscious initiatives working towards making positive change one strand at a time!