Zero Waste, Zero harm to All Lives on Earth

Discover aciae's commitment to the Circle to Zero principle, where we skill-fully reuse, recycle and repurpose materials to create stylish, sustainable fashion for the circular economy

Mission & Purpose

aciae, /ˈ, Latin for thread, is a sustainable fashion brand committed to protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

With a mission to eliminate waste to landfills and minimise any harm done, it adapts Circle to Zero principles to reuse, recycle, and repurpose unwanted materials into essential goods that will improve quality of all lives on earth.

By advocating for conscious consumption, its aim is to create a world where fashion is produced with care and respect for the environment while still being stylish, accessible and affordable.

aciae strives to empower consumers with knowledge on how to lead sustainable lifestyles through our products as well as educational resources. Through our commitment and passion for circularity, aciae hopes to help create a future where waste is nonexistent.

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aciae Fights Plastic and Fashion Waste

The growing problem of plastic and ocean waste is an alarming issue that negatively impacts our environment and society. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year, causing serious harm to marine life and ecosystems [1]. Moreover, traditional business practices in the fashion industry contribute significantly to this issue, with 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of global water pollution being attributed to the industry [2].

Recognising these challenges, aciae is taking its first step, committed to creating a positive impact on the economy, environment, and people. We are proud to introduce our first product line of sustainable footwear, made from recycled or bio-based materials. By choosing to innovate with end of life recycling technology and program, aciae actively fights against plastic and ocean waste, while promoting a circular economy.

Our sustainable footwear collection embodies our dedication to protecting the planet and its inhabitants. By embracing the Circle to Zero principle and championing the values of repurposing, recycling, and reusing, aciae aims to reduce waste, conserve resources, and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

Join aciae in our journey towards a more sustainable and conscious world, where every step we take brings us closer to a future free of waste and pollution.

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Lifecycle Thinking and Lower Impact

Recycling plastic into textiles is a groundbreaking technology that enables aciae to create sustainable fashion while adhering to the Circle to Zero principle. The process begins with collecting and sorting post-consumer plastic waste, which is then cleaned and shredded into small pellets. These pellets are subsequently melted and extruded into fibers, which are then spun into yarns suitable for creating textiles.

While we acknowledge that every step in this process consumes resources, aciae remains dedicated to minimising our environmental impact. By utilising recycled materials, we extend the life of previously consumed resources, ultimately reducing waste in landfills and the need for virgin materials. Furthermore, we strive to design our footwear with 100% recyclability in mind, which ensures that our products can be repurposed, recycled, or regenerated at the end of their lifecycle.

aciae's business model focuses on promoting a circular economy where resources are continually reused and recycled, keeping materials in circulation for as long as possible. This approach not only aligns with our Circle to Zero principle but also showcases our unwavering commitment to building a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

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