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What Australian Women Are Saying: aciae Shoes on the Spotlight

Fashion isn't just about style; it's about comfort, sustainability, and choices that resonate with our individual lifestyles. When it comes to ladies' shoes, Australian women are finding their perfect match in aciae. But don't just take our word for it – hear it straight from these empowered voices.

Lauren's Take: The Quest for the Perfect Black Flats
"Pregnancy brought many surprises, one being my expanding feet. Rebuilding my shoe wardrobe, I found the gem I was missing – the Signature Ballet Flats in Black from aciae. They're not just stylish and comfortable but also sustainable, flexible, and machine washable! Whether toning down a statement look, elevating a casual outfit, or seeking a sensible yet fashionable shoe, these ballet flats have become my go-to."

Lauren wears aciae Signature Ballet Flats in Black and aciae Curved Pointed Toe Flats in Almond & Cream

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Leah: Fusion of Fashion and Sustainability
"If there's a blend of fashion, comfort, versatility, and sustainability, it's embodied by aciae. After over a month of testing out their shoes, I'm genuinely impressed. Made from post-consumption material, they're 100% recyclable and machine washable. I absolutely adore the Black Harper Max Comfort Loafers and the Almond Ava Signature Ballet Flats. With a fabric composition of REPREVE® Recycled textile from ocean bound plastics, these shoes aren't just vegan and waterproof, they're a testament to sustainable fashion. For those with wider feet or seeking pointed toe flats, loafers, ankle boots, or just comfortable shoes in general, aciae is where your search ends."

Leah wears aciae Signature Ballet Flats in Almond and aciae Max Comfort Loafers in Black

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Libbie's Sustainable Fashion Guide & Why She Chose aciae
"Before diving into a new purchase, I ask myself five questions to ensure it aligns with my sustainable ethos. Among them is whether it fits me in the present moment, whether it's genuinely unique compared to my current wardrobe, and if it complements my daily activities. One essential query is if I can mix and match the new item with my existing wardrobe, creating 3-5 different outfits. When I found aciae, it was a resounding YES to all these questions."

Libbie wears aciae Signature Ballet Flats in Espresso and aciae Curved Pointed Toe Flats in Almond & Cream

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Sustainable Fashion Tips for Busy Australian Women

Navigating the professional realm in Australia requires not just acumen but also style that speaks volumes. As schedules get busier, it's vital to make sustainable yet efficient choices. Here are some sustainable fashion tips tailored for the driven, busy Australian women:

  1. Capsule Wardrobe: Consider building a capsule wardrobe. It's about quality over quantity. Select versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, reducing the need for excessive items.

  2. Care Matters: Invest in quality clothing and take care of them. A good pair of shoes, like those from aciae, can last years with proper care. Consider minimum energy and water consumption washing, air drying, and using zero waste detergents.

  3. Buy Local: Support local Australian designers and artisans, especially the brand with a clear purpose, an impactful mission, the pledge and trackable action to ethical sourcing and sustainable supply chain. 

  4. Digital Platforms: Utilise digital platforms to track your wardrobe, plan outfits, or even swap clothes with others. It's an efficient and sustainable way to refresh your style.
  5. Circle to Zero Principle: For every item you buy, think of aciae’s core tenet – Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose. This perspective ensures the longevity of your purchases and encourages a sustainable lifecycle for every garment or accessory.

From sustainable shoes that resonate with responsible consumption, to shoes for wider feet and the timeless stylish shoes, aciae brings versatility, comfort, and style to every wardrobe. Our collections cater to every woman, celebrating diversity and promoting conscious choices. Be it ballet flats, loafers, or ankle boots, with aciae, every step is a step forward towards a sustainable and stylish future.

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