Behind the Seams: The Making of aciae's Sustainable, Stylish and Comfortable Shoe Collections - aciae

Behind the Seams: The Making of aciae's Sustainable, Stylish and Comfortable Shoe Collections

Creating a collection that's equal parts sustainable, stylish, and comfortable doesn't happen by magic. At aciae, we're weaving a new narrative in fashion, where every thread, every step, and every decision is carefully considered. Welcome to a behind-the-scenes journey into the making of our revolutionary shoe lines.

Melding Comfort, Style, and Sustainability

The inception of any aciae collection starts with an ethos - comfort without compromise, style without excess, and sustainability without an afterthought. As we sketch designs and explore materials, the modern woman sits at the heart of our process - a woman who values sustainability, cherishes comfort, and celebrates style.

Our collections emerge from this intersection, offering a range of shoes that encapsulate our commitment to fashion, function, and forward-thinking.

Creating Circularity in Every Stitch

Our design philosophy is rooted in the principle of circularity. Every shoe we create is not just designed to be worn, but to live on long after its time. Our collections incorporate recycled materials such as ocean-bound plastics, breathing new life into what would have been waste or pollution.

But we don't stop at the creation stage. We plan for the end of life too, designing shoes that can be recycled once their journey with you is over. Even their care is eco-conscious - they are cold-water machine washable to minimise waste and reduce energy consumption.

Walking the Walk with an Ethical Supply Chain

Creating a product line doesn't start and end with design. It's about weaving a tale of empowerment and ethics through our supply chain. From the hands that craft our shoes to the partners we collaborate with, we're dedicated to ensuring our supply chain is as clean as our design ethos.

Our voluntary modern slavery statement underscores our commitment to transparency and fair labor practices. This beacon of commitment navigates our journey in fashion, helping us build a future that uplifts rather than exploits.

Empowering Women with Every Step

Beyond the environmental impact, we're conscious of our social footprint too. Each aciae collection is designed to empower - the wearer, the makers, and women in general. By choosing aciae, you're choosing more than a shoe, you're choosing to stand up for equality, fairness, and empowerment.

We're on a mission to champion women's rights, breaking barriers in the fashion industry and beyond, one collection at a time.

Battling Plastic Pollution through Innovation

At aciae, we're turning a challenge into an opportunity. As we design our collections, we're mindful of the global plastic pollution crisis. Enter Repreve - our solution to turning plastic waste into fashion-forward footwear.

Repreve, a fibre made from recycled materials, is at the core of our collections. Certified by Unifi, it ensures traceability from origin to finished product. Through Repreve, we're turning plastic waste into a sustainable solution, slashing our carbon footprint, conserving water, and saving energy.

Charting a Course to a Future without Waste

From conception to completion, every aciae collection is a step towards our mission - a world without waste. Thanks to our up-cycle partner Upparel, Our end-of-life program, based in Australia, is on a journey to zero waste, while ensuring our customers remain stylish and comfortable.

As we create our collections, we're laying the groundwork for a sustainable future. Join us as we reimagine fashion - where comfort, style, and sustainability co-exist. Step into aciae shoes, and step into a revolution

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