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aciae's Leap Into Seamless Stewardship: Pioneering A New Era Of Fashion Sustainability

At aciae, we are resolute in our commitment to style that's as sustainable as it is fashionable. We believe in a world where elegant design coexists seamlessly with environmental responsibility, where every step we take leaves no harmful footprint on our planet. And today, we are proud to announce that our mission has found resonance with a broader movement: the Australian Fashion Council's new initiative, Seamless Stewardship.

Seamless Stewardship is a powerful beacon calling for change within the fashion industry. With the goal to transform Australian fashion into a circular economy, it seeks to drastically reduce the 200,000 tonnes of clothing that end up in Australian landfill each year.

Today's average Australian purchases 56 clothing items per year, most of which are fashioned from non-durable, unsustainable materials. Our country lacks systematic collection resources for unusable clothing, and as a result, our fashion waste has spiralled into a colossal contributor to Australia's waste dilemma.

But change is on the horizon, and aciae is excited to be part of that change.

Seamless is not just a programme, it's a movement, a responsibility, an acknowledgement that every garment's life cycle – from design to recycling or sustainable disposal – rests with the brands who bring them to the market. As members of Australian Fashion Council, aciae, along with other participating brands, is committed to contribute to a levy of 4 cents per garment, creating a transformative funding pool to reinvent the industry.

The funds raised will inspire industry-wide shifts towards clothing circularity by 2030, encouraging more durable and recyclable design, nurturing circular business models, and boosting clothing collection, sorting, and recycling.

At aciae, we've always been guided by our 'Circle to Zero' principle. From our inception, we've dedicated ourselves to the vision of zero waste to landfill and zero harm to all lives on Earth. Our sustainable footwear range, crafted from certified ocean-bound plastics and other post-consumer materials, echoes this commitment.

Designed to embrace the full circle of use, our shoes can be recycled and repurposed, playing a pivotal role in the grand tapestry of the circular economy. We aim for longevity, creating footwear that withstands cold water machine wash, extending the lifespan of each pair and reducing energy consumption. Moreover, our shoes are fully recyclable with the Australian based up-cycle program, continuing our commitment to a waste-free world.

As we stride into this exciting program with the Australian Fashion Council, we invite you, to join us in this movement. Together, we can reinvent the narrative of fashion, weaving sustainability into its very fabric, and ensuring that every step we take is a step towards a better, more sustainable world.

In this evolving landscape of fashion, we, at aciae, are committed to walking the talk. Will you walk with us?
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